Alexander Mikitenko

Alexander Mikitenko


Technical Director


1993-1998 NPU im. Dragomanova,, specialty chemistry-biology, specialist 2008-2012 Institute of Postgraduate Education KNUBA, Specialty - urban construction and economy, Civil engineer




Supervises the observance of technological discipline, the rules for the technical operation of equipment and the norms for the consumption of material resources, the rules and norms of labor protection, industrial sanitation, and fire protection.

My job

Description of work, tasks and duties

Determines the technical policy and development prospects of the enterprise, ensuring a constant increase in the level of technical equipment of production, reducing labor costs for the production of goods (rendering services), improving their quality and efficient use of production assets.

Supervises the development of the production and technical part of the project of long-term and current production plans.

Distributes mechanisms, equipment, apparatus to the objects of work, ensures their correct operation and repair.

Carries out control over the provision of production units with the services of repair, mechanical and energy services of the enterprise, transport. Organizes work on the introduction of new technology and production technology, the scientific organization of labor, as well as measures for the mechanization of labor-intensive processes, the use of reserves for increasing labor productivity and reducing the cost of work performed.

Participates in the preparation of applications for the logistics of the enterprise with the necessary equipment, spare parts, tools, etc.

Ensures the implementation of measures to improve the organization of production and labor, the technical re-equipment of production units, the creation of the most favorable working conditions, an increase in the culture of production, the improvement of technical regulation and wages of workers. Participates in the selection and completion of production sites with workers and technical personnel. Organizes work in the field of technical information, rationalization and invention, dissemination of best practices, provides training and professional development of personnel.

Organizes the preparation and presentation of production and operational reporting.

Supervises the activities of the technical services of the enterprise.