Oksana Shapovalova

Oksana Shapovalova


Sales Manager


ECOMEN Management VED, Kiev. Incomplete higher education, from 09.2012 to 06.2013 National Pedagogical University. M.P. Dragomanova. Jurisprudence, Kiev. Higher, from 09.2013 to 06.2017


CRM Bitrix


Consulting on the company's services; organization of meetings; negotiating, concluding contracts, monitoring compliance with obligations; effective interaction with other divisions of the company.

About Me

I started my professional career in working with clients in 2009 and I consider the choice of a profession to be the main and absolutely correct decision. I treat her with great love and trepidation. Most of all, I value a positive result that satisfies the customer, creative inspiration that brings joy, pleasure and long-term trusting relationships with our customers. I have always liked to communicate with people and now every day there is an opportunity to meet someone, to learn something interesting from completely different areas. I am amazed by modern technologies and the reality to provide them to you to create a warm and comfortable home.

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