How to bring a design project to life

How to bring a design project to life

Developing a design project for an apartment or house, we often get an ideal picture of what our future home will be like. We imagine the way we are going back home and enjoying a cozy home interior. In reality, the results of the renovation can be very disappointing. It seems that they got into the color of the walls, and the laminate was found suitable, but there are no similarities with the design project and dreams. DANICA explains why this can happen and when an interior designer is indispensable.

Mismatch reasons

Everything that surrounds us and even is a part of us has its own characteristics: density, color reflection, shine, texture, color depth. And all these characteristics can vary greatly for the same object depending on the light, for example. In the dark and in the daytime, the appearance of the same piece of furniture can have a completely different look.

It is very important to know and understand how the same material will behave with natural light, and with artificial light, and the environment. A competent designer knows this and may suggest: “This wall color will look great in daylight, but will give a strong reflection in the late evening due to the reflection of the night lights that shine directly into your window. It's much better to avoid glossy surfaces, let's pick something else."

If a specialist gives you such recommendations and pays great attention to light and textures of materials at the stage of developing a design project, you have definitely come to the right place. The chances of realizing a design project exactly as it was visualized at the initial stages greatly increase with this approach.

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A little more about lighting

Light globally sets the mood for the character of the interior, its style. Here it is important for the designer to think over all possible scenarios, explain to the client how to do better and help determine the choice of finishing materials so that they match each other and look harmoniously according to the requirements and purpose of the premises.

Also among the tasks of the designer is to think over the scenario of life in the house and zone the light in such a way that in the premises it is possible to create a different atmosphere and mood. The light in the bedroom can take into account the presence of a sconce for reading a book while lying on the bed, in the living room you need sufficient lighting both for a family dinner, and dim for watching movies together, and in the hall, for example, one lamp is enough to move from one zone to another... All these nuances will be worked out by the designer, right down to the color temperature of the lamps and the location of the sockets, so that it is convenient to turn them on and do not have to go far.

Technical component

The designer must follow all the technical points, draw up competent drawings in which he will provide for floor laying schemes, the location of electricians, air conditioners, radiators, sockets.

For example, tiles and laminates have different thicknesses, and it is important for builders to know the dimensions of the materials to avoid unevenness or height differences. Then the screed will be filled correctly, and the floor in the room will remain level. Seemingly commonplace things but neglecting them can hit your nerves and wallet hard.

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Process control

“In our practice, it happened that the customer liked the tile, it matched both in color and in other characteristics. But there was not much of it. The sellers promised a new batch in a month. We waited and then we got greenish tint, which categorically did not suit us. The article of the product is the same, but there are some changes happened in manufacturing. And the purchased part of the batch a month earlier has lost its meaning. Therefore, it is better to buy either all at once in one fell swoop, or look for a replacement", - comments the DANICA's designer Anastasia Lisovskaya.

This is where the designer can also help. Find a similar material or furniture, or generally find an alternative replacement, which, in terms of characteristics and price, will be in no way inferior to the original version. Any abnormal situations are quickly corrected both in 3D visualization of the project and in real time during the repair. The result is saved money and time. Or at the very least, there are no unexpected additional expenses.

This is a really widespread practice, when in the catalog you see wallpapers of the same color, choose them, and almost the same comes. And this "almost" becomes completely irrelevant in your specific design project. It turns out that time is wasted and spent in search of something else.

How to choose a designer?

It is important to find your person during planning a renovation. A professional will never impose his vision of the premises on you and insist on any decisions if they categorically do not suit you. Everything is based on your wishes and lifestyle.

Basically, it is important to understand that you can draw any picture. The designer not only deals with the visual component of the future renovation and drawings. An experienced specialist is well acquainted with the market and what this market offers us. He will be able to tell you which finishing materials are better to give preference and even help you choose them in specific stores. Moreover, the choice can be made up to furniture and decorative elements.

The understanding that you will be comfortable working with a designer may appear after the first meeting and consultation. You will be able to tell about the features of the premises, tell your wishes, ask all questions, get acquainted with the experience, competence, completed projects and the designer's profile.

If the “expectation-reality” correspondence is important to you, contact our specialists and be sure that you will get the exact implementation of your dream interior design. DANICA specialists will provide the result as in the picture and will provide all the technical and aesthetic nuances. You can order a design project today by calling us or filling out the feedback form.