Project Aquapark in France

Project Aquapark in France

The direction of the winds and sunlight determined the construction plan for the new project. Guarded from the cold northeastern winter winds sailing towards the forest, the water park opens to the west.

In the southwest, the water park is filled with light throughout the year. It is designed to receive as much sunlight as possible in winter while protecting itself from excessive sun exposure on the terraces in summer. The water park, located in a large expanse of water, looks like something completely immense, emerging from the lake. The overall structure consists of: aerial structures, gardens floating in the air, playing with water in various forms and transparency.

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Excellent ecosystem, thanks to the presence of terraces;various elements associated with environmental sustainability - geothermal energy, water recirculation, are combined to form the overall structure of the whole complex.Once visitors have passed the locker room area, they enter the interior of the water park, designed as a large space with water, the presence of islands of different sizes and many entertainment functions.This archipelago extends outside, into the lagoon, emphasizing the continuity of a single complex.