The construction and design of turnkey bomb shelters is gaining popularity every year. There are good reasons for this, people are worried about their safety in case:

  • Natural disasters
  • Emissions to the atmosphere
  • Third world war

DANICA construction company designs and builds turnkey Bunkers in Kiev and Kiev region. Building a bunker under a house or on a plot is not a fad for the rich or the crazy. Today, underground buildings provide high guarantees for the preservation of life for you and your loved ones. Applications for the construction of underground premises are steadily received on our phone. Underground bomb shelters are in high demand in the west.

Americans are often faced with hurricanes. Mountain dwellers suffer from earthquakes in other countries with high temperatures and frequent forest fires, the construction of a bunker solves the problem. You can even make your own garden in the bunker :)


Bunker construction stages

Before starting the construction of your bunker, our specialist makes geology and geodesy of the land plot. To avoid moisture inside a self-contained bunker, it must be at least 1 meter above groundwater, if any. The recommended depth of the shelter is 5-7 meters.



Pit drilling, foundation pouring



Formwork installation and reinforcement



Casting a monolithic load-bearing wall



Installation engineering



Object masking


Finishing and renovation

Repair and finishing work inside the bunker

The cost of building and designing a private bunker directly depends on the complexity of the structure, area, engineering and other factors. Specialists performing tasks such as building turnkey shelters must meet the requirements of having experience in such projects. It is important to observe all the nuances, starting from ventilation and maintaining CO2 and autonomy of work for a long time. DANICA provides professional services in the implementation of such structures at the highest level, and also guarantees complete confidentiality, and we also carry out maintenance and assembly of autonomous bunkers. If not today, then tomorrow the entire world system may collapse, and a natural disaster may occur at any minute.

The situation in the world can take an unexpected turn and lead to aggravation of conflicts in different countries, cataclysms and other natural problems. It's another matter if you have your own bunker! It is better to leave the construction of the bunker to the specialists of the DANICA company.


What else is a bunker for?

The leakage of chemicals from the large number of old factories in every large city increases the danger every year. Accidents at nuclear power plants are also a health hazard, so it's great to have your own bunker. In countries with unstable economic situations, the bunker copes well with the problem of intruders. In such a situation, an underground bunker under the house with quick access is a good solution to the problem.


Hopper autonomy

The independence of the bunker is divided into 2 types - up to 10 days and long-term stay in it. In any case, ventilation, sewerage, air filtration, water supply and refrigeration units are designed for all bunkers. To protect from radiation or natural disasters, it is necessary to install special doors at an angle. High-grade waterproofing is used to protect against floods. It is important to hide the construction from prying eyes and maintain complete confidentiality of the construction of an underground bunker. A private underground bunker will not only help save lives, but will create an opportunity to retire and hide from everyone.

a place

Bunker under the house or on the site?

It is more difficult to implement a bunker under the house if it is built under a finished house, so it is better to design it when building a house right away. A bunker under the house provides a safe and quick entrance. A bomb shelter will be much cheaper because engineering and ventilation are designed in a complex. A detached bunker on the site is much more expensive to implement. It needs to be masked from the environment, the soil must be strengthened. Both in the first and in the second case, you need to make an emergency exit in the first case, if the house is destroyed, people may be trapped, also in the second case, if the access to the bunker comes from the house through a tunnel underground, you also need to take into account the emergency exit.