bunker construction


bunker construction

The construction and design of turnkey bomb shelters is gaining popularity every year. There are some reasons why people are worried about their safety:

  • Natural disasters
  • Emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere
  • Full-scale military action
Bunker's design and construction

DANICA designs and builds turnkey bunkers in Kiev and Kiev region. Building a bunker under a house or on a plot is not a fad. Today, underground buildings provide high guarantees of preserving life for you and your family. Underground bomb shelters have long been in demand in the West.

USA often faces the problem of hurricanes and tornadoes, fires rage in hot countries and earthquakes are common for countries located on faults in tectonic plates. The construction of the bunker helps to ensure safety in case of unforeseen situations.


Bunker construction stages

Our specialist makes geology and geodesy of the land plot before starting the construction of your bunker. If there is groundwater under your home we provide self-contained bunker at least 1 meter above it to avoid moisture inside.



Pit drilling, foundation pouring



Formwork installation and reinforcement



Casting a monolithic load-bearing wall



Installation engineering



Object masking


Finishing and renovation

Repair and finishing work inside the bunker

Bunker's design and construction

The cost of building and designing a private bunker is directly related to the complexity of the structure, area, engineering and other factors. Specialists performing tasks such as building turnkey shelters should have experience in such projects. It is important to observe all the nuances, ranging from ventilation and maintenance of CO2 to the autonomy of communications for a long time.

DANICA provides professional services in the implementation of such structures at the highest level and also guarantees complete confidentiality. We carry out maintenance and assembly of autonomous bunkers.

What else is a bunker for?

The danger of chemical spills is increasing each year due to the large number of old factories in big cities. In the event of an accident at a nuclear power plant, they also pose a health hazard, so having your own bunker means protecting yourself and your family.


Bunker's autonomy

There are several types of silos:

  • for staying in the bunker up to 10 days
  • long stay in the bunker

In any case, ventilation, sewerage, air filtration, water supply and refrigeration units are designed for all bunkers. To protect yourself from radiation or natural disasters, it is necessary to install special doors at an angle. High grade waterproofing is used for flood protection.

Bunker's design and construction

It is important to hide the construction from prying eyes and maintain complete confidentiality of the construction of the underground bunker. A private underground bunker will not only help save lives, but will create an opportunity to retire and hide from everyone.

a place

Should the bunker be placed under the house or outside?

A bunker is more difficult to implement if it is built under already finished house. It is better to provide for the design of the bunker before starting the construction of a private house. A bunker under the house provides a safe and quick entrance. Such a bomb shelter will be cheaper, since engineering and ventilation are designed in a complex.

A detached bunker outside is much more expensive. It needs to be masked from the environment, the soil must be strengthened. Both in the first and in the second case, an emergency exit must be also provided.