service: Interior Design

square: 100㎡

date: 2021-04-23


designer: Anastasiia Lisovska

The area of the project is 120 square meters. most of which is occupied by the common area of the time spent - the kitchen living room. As soon as we enter the space we want to look around, holding our breath.

The most luxurious and noble way to add serious chic to the design is marble because nothing will replace the beauty of natural materials.


Spanish marble porcelain from the Argenta Ceramica brand decorated the room with its unique pattern and smooth glossy texture. Also, we used marble elements in the design of the kitchen on the island, apron and countertop.

The marble surface is easily cut out under a sink or a tile, does not absorb moisture, is heat-resistant.

The shade of white walls adds air and freshness to the space. It is important to know that too much white and not the correct supply can make the interior cold. The warm color of the wood became an excellent companion to the total mass of light space.

An important component of the design of this interior is lighting.

Most of all, customers liked the magnetic track systems, which are mounted to the ceiling and go down the living room wall. The continuous system allows to create unique angular elements in which lamps can move.

Any luminaire can always be rearranged, rotated or removed, as well as added to existing ones. The matte diffuser provides a high level of visual comfort and eliminates the blinding effect.

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Powerful magnets are used for reliable contact between the lamp itself and the magnetic track. We would like to mention our favorite - Sampei floor lamp by Davide Groppi. Its height is almost three meters, it can be dimmed and create a special atmosphere at dinner.