Design project of a two-level apartment for a young couple with children, with a total area of 86 square meters. On the first floor of the premises: a living room, a kitchen-dining room, a guest bathroom, an entrance group with a staircase leading to the second floor where the master bedroom, a nursery and a large bathroom.

The main task was to create a light and unobtrusive interior with a feeling of unloaded space.

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Immediately at the entrance to the apartment we see the "highlight" of the interior staircase with winding steps made of marble, under which there is a built-in wardrobe. For complete harmony, painting the facade of the cabinet in the color of the walls creates the effect of a single continuous line, which visually increases the room.

The combined living room and kitchen-dining room are divided into separate zones. Marble column, with built-in fireplace and TV, acts as a link between them. The luxurious chandelier Ideal Lux above the dining table effectively highlights this part of the room, thereby preventing it from merging with the rest of the space. The bright colors of the walls and the severity of the lines expand the space and add air, and the bright color spots in the textiles give the interior character and mood. A bright sofa highlights the living room area, light receptions draw attention of guests and hosts to exquisite pieces of decor and furniture: the designer chair Poliform of the Mad Chair collection in leather upholstery with a high back, an exclusive wall panel with gold molding. Spot lighting moves smoothly from the living room to the kitchen, unobtrusively combining these zones.

It is impossible to imagine modern design of apartments without an abundance of shiny surfaces. In the guest bathroom, the floor and walls are lined with different glossy ceramic tiles that blend in harmoniously with each other; in the shower area, the tile under Opal creates a luxurious atmosphere. Chrome lights, LED inserts and a backlit mirror add to the play of light.

The master bedroom is the most private part of the apartment. It is not accepted to put on display. High, up to the ceiling, the headboard visually makes the room higher. The bed is a spacious storage system.

For the child, the children's room is his small warm and cozy world. This is a very special place where the child should feel happy while playing and learning.

Bathroom on the second floor, there is a double bathroom. The floor and walls are partially tiled, which is also used on the ground floor. A special feature of this room is the geometric 3D tile Zoom White Matt, which makes it so common to everyone a unique room.

Plumbing Villeroy & Boch and Kludi faucets were carefully selected for design and quality characteristics that perfectly complemented the interior.