This cottage project was developed earlier.

The client turned to us with a desire to choose a house from the already designed, but to make a design for yourself. After some thought, and receiving permission to use the project from the owner - we set to work. And now we present you a new vision of the Pilot's Family home project.

FOX- Cottage in a modern style FOX- Cottage in a modern style FOX- Cottage in a modern style FOX- Cottage in a modern style

The house consists of three living rooms - master bedroom, children's and guest room. Two bathrooms, a cozy and large kitchen, living room with fireplace, two dressing rooms - create a complete ensemble of rooms necessary for comfortable living.

The kitchen can be accessed, but a large covered terrace and barbecue area. The main wish of the client was conciseness and contrast. For this reason, we create a contrast due to the black and white masses of color, and laconic, soft forms of furniture add comfort to the premises.

The entire floor in the house, except for the bedrooms, is made of one light gray slab. In the bedrooms we used natural oak parquet board.

FOX- Cottage in a modern style

I want to pay special attention to the kitchen and living room. Once in the room, it immediately conquers the volume of space. Due to the large windows the room is filled with light and air.

Upholstered furniture in the living room of the Prostoria brand will enrich everyday household chores. The shape of the brand's products pursues functionality, while the creators consider the need for aesthetics to be the most important human need. The furniture seems to be designed so that time stops, so that we do not hurry and interact with family and friends as much as possible.

Special attention is paid to the selection of furniture

We all really liked the Polygon armchair with armrests, designed on the basis of a modernist type of small seat. The chair meets the functional parameters, small and light, does not take up much space.

Triangles, forming an orthogonal side view, when changing the angle of view are transformed into hexagons and complex polygons. The design of curved steel rods further emphasizes the duality of this interior object.

FOX- Cottage in a modern style FOX- Cottage in a modern style FOX- Cottage in a modern style FOX- Cottage in a modern style

In the project we used a built-in magnetic bus in an aluminum housing, graphite color. With the help of special connectors, you can combine segments of different lengths and make transitions at an angle of 90 °.

The lamp itself is easily installed and moved to any point of the magnetic bus. Graphite color is read in all rooms, somewhere it acts as a contour accent in detail (profile of concealed installation doors, fittings, window frames, sockets and switches) and somewhere takes its mass as kitchen furniture and TV area.