Interior design, which not everyone dares to. Quite bold and non-standard 2-room apartment of our new project "Freedom"

The client's desire was to create a unique and inimitable appearance of the home. This is not the first time we have worked with a modern interior, but this project has become special. Many of our clients are afraid of dark colors. There is a stereotype that they will make the interior gloomy. This is absolutely not the case!

We are grateful to the customer for the courage, not everyone will dare to do what happened!

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The first thing that catches your eye is the black ceiling starting from the hallway, flowing into the kitchen and living room. There is a myth that such a technique will make the interior gloomy and dull, they say it will "put pressure on the head", but this is a delusion of most people, because using black on the ceiling, you can create a soft enveloping atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

In our living room, he creates an atmosphere of presentability, his appearance is elegant, stylish and expensive.

The ceiling is organically combined with the milky tint of the wall panels and the bright blue spot of the Ditre Italia modular sofa with an asymmetrical back.

The black ceiling was the perfect backdrop for the bright Mercury elongated mercury droplet lamp from Artemide. The elements of the luminaire have a chrome mirror finish, which reflects light well, creating an interesting play of light and shadow.

An interior that not everyone dares to

Another chic chandelier with tinted glass sits above the dining table. The Italian model of the Twelve kitchen by Poliform is built on ultra-modern minimalism: simple thin lines, smooth surfaces without handles, open from light pressure, the minimum thickness of the products, coupled with the breadth of the workspace, looks great.