Passive house project "Bavaria"

Пассивный дом

The project of the passive house Bavaria was created for the family, it includes a two-story house, insulated with 200 mm Neopor, a garage with a serviced roof and access to the roof from the second floor on the south side.

House area: 206m2

Built: September 2017

Construction time: 90 days



with heat recovery, it allows to get fresh forest air with minimal energy loss; each individual ventilation module consumes no more than 30 watt / h and ensures complete exchange of indoor air in no more than an hour. Each module is programmed for weekly operation.



The combined heating system with a single battery of thermal energy includes solar collector units, electric boiler and a fireplace. In the summertime, solar collectors are converted to pool heating and hot water supply.

The cost of heating the house in the winter is not more than 500 UAH per month, if only electric boiler is used.



Made of several types of finishing materials - a wet plaster facade, an array of natural wood and flexible ceramic tiles.



The energy-saving profile of the Salamander 76mm three-chamber double-glazed windows, at the stage of purchase, thanks to the use of the IQ Energy program on the windows, it was possible to get a compensation of 56,000 UAH



The house was designed and built with the help of the Passive house block® permanent formwork block, 200 mm wall insulation thickness, 300 mm roofing


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