Graal Shale

Graal Shale


Architect: Anastasia Brovarnik

Designer: Anastasia Lisovskaya

Total space: 197,44 sq.m.

Date: 2021-03-17

Location: Kharkivska region

Living space: 120,52 sq.m.

Number of rooms: 5

Garage: 1

The design of the interior of the Zamyskiy booth for a young family of two children in a funky style in a closed-type village "Chale Graal". All the same project, which we were robbed by the deputies of Kharkiv, and the robot on the project is being conducted in Kiev.

Graal Shale Graal Shale Graal Shale Graal Shale Graal Shale Graal Shale Graal Shale Graal Shale

The robot respected the project from the beginning, and up to the stage of building the foundation of the booth according to the technology "Insulation of the Swedish Plate", we could vibuduvati the internal ergonomics of primacy, go out of the way of life, the call and the change of the deputy.

The technology of the "Swedish plate" is combined in its own installation for the insulation of the monolithic foundation plate and the possibility of laying the communes, including the system of water supply. The complex pidhіd is allowed to be trimmed in a short term of insulation provided with built-in engineering systems and ready for podlog, ready for podgogo pokritіya.

Have a rest in the booths, at once you will see the turbulence, peace and comfort.

Graal Shale

The majestic window of the one-and-a-half predominance of the out-of-the-way zone and the kitchen-living, where you go into the garden, pass through the middle a great number of sleepy lights. There are a lot of LED profiles from BPM Lighting in the corridor from the walls to the wall.

There is also a great living room, madness with a kitchen, a guest bedroom - a cabinet and a bathroom to the outside area. Let's surround with a pass прим ancillary primacy: the main boiler room.

Graal Shale

In the special zone there is a large bedroom with two children and a bathroom.

In the private area there is a master bedroom with toilet, two children's rooms and a bathroom. In the interior of the living room blue modular sofa Minotti - is a bold application for luxury and nobility. In this interior, the main colors will be white and gray and the bulk of light shades. The blue sofa in such a frame looks original, bold and spectacular. Above the sofa, the cable series of the HERACLEUM chandelier does not catch the eye, relaxes and brings peace. The metal "branches" on which the "petals"-LEDs grow, which illuminate the room with soft light, look really charming.

It didn’t sound like a miracle, but the bathroom bathtub became a favorite for our designers! Ceramic tiles with a size of 30x120 cm, light, thin (7 mm), perfectly embellished the walls of the private room.