High Five nail studio - beauty salon repair

To equip the world of women is a responsible and serious task even for such super-specialists as our team! We are talking about the repair and design of the salon design nail design. Women come to such a salon not only to do manicure and pedicure, but also to spend their personal time pleasantly. So, this space should have a comfortable architecture, ergonomics, be of a certain type, color and have to comfort and enjoyment.
During the renovation, the partitions of the room were dismantled, redevelopment was made and a new floor screed was made. It was necessary to completely change the wiring, make the sewage and water distribution. Were also installed new windows with energy saving function.
The installation of a professional ventilation and air conditioning system in the cabin helps to avoid the accumulation of odors that accompany the process of working with the design of nails. In this cabin it is always pleasant to smell delicious coffee and aromas of the most different perfumes.



Perfect quality stretch ceilings visually increase the height of the room. Nail design is a delicate and painstaking work, respectively, in the cabin should be a lot of light, while it should not annoy both staff and visitors. The system of artificial interior lighting thought out to the smallest detail. Along with the traditional table lighting, an exclusive system of additional light was designed and installed in the form of original lamps that are attached to the ceiling on special mounts and can be considered as part of the decor.
Complex decorative designs of walls and ceilings with lights add luxury and elegance to the cabin interior. The main color scheme of all rooms is designed in the same style of a pleasant delicate pink and white marshmallow with elements of ivory. In general, this range of rooms creates a mood of relaxation, pleasure and bliss. In the interior there are patches of warm cocoa milk color, which slightly emphasizes the main target colors.
High-quality finish of the walls with the subsequent application of decorative plaster in the form of light ornament, tinted with gold, makes the interior of the salon solemnity and brightness. A small cozy seating area in a niche window in the form of a soft sofa with decorative pillows disposes to a pleasant pastime.
The flooring is made from laminate of a light shade. The installed water filtration system in this case is not only a concern for the health of the staff and visitors, but also a necessary component in the work of the beauty industry.
In addition to the repair and design of the room, an alarm and video surveillance system was installed.
We are sure that the high-quality repair and the pleasant design of this room, the level of its services will be appreciated by its visitors, and they will come to it as often as possible.

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