The new project of a modern house in the style of "eclectic" for a young family, will grow dynamically and develop together with its owners, stepping in time and not allowing to feel discomfort from lack of space.

At the design stage, together with the architect and designer, future additions to the house were thought out. The openings, which now serve as windows, will soon become doors to children's and guest rooms. Now the planning decision allows to live comfortably a family of 2 people. The cottage consists of a living room, kitchen, master bedroom and hallway, laundry, fireplace and two bathrooms. The most sacred thing is the altar, which we placed in the bay window on the east side, because this side of the world is responsible for spiritual development.

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At first glance, "eclecticism" is a mixture of everything, but because our customers profess Hinduism has become the dominant ethno-style. All objects in the house of different styles complement and emphasize each other, and the elements of space are ideologically connected.

As a unifying background, the designer used neutral, calm, natural colors. Every thing in the house is imbued with spirituality. The rooms contrast with bright colors that you will not find in European interiors. Orange, crimson, yellow and turquoise tones are harmoniously combined with handmade wooden furniture, carved screens and rich textures of fabrics.



The main finishing material in the house was a decorative plaster imitating aged walls. The color scheme of the plaster varies from gentle peach to sand tones. In the bedroom, the decorative wall behind the headboard looks more expressive due to the contrasting painting of other walls, which are covered with matte paint from Benjamin Moore and of course macrame (which the hostess undertook to weave her own).

All rooms are heated by underfloor heating, so we were not afraid to use porcelain tile from the Italian brand Ragno of the Woodchalet Cherry collection in all rooms. Indians consider wood a symbol of wealth and prosperity, so porcelain is used to imitate a wooden board

Porcelain has no porosity, internal voids and microcracks, which provides it with much higher strength and durability. In addition, it is not afraid of temperature changes and exposure to household chemicals, alkali or acid.

In the living room, she added a wood-burning stove from Edilkamin Roller.


The model of this wood stove is made of steel in the requirements of modern design, is located as a separate element, it is specially placed in the corner of the brick wall.

Brick walls still remain one of the boldest and brightest interior solutions, which are associated with the style of "loft", but it is suitable not only for him, it - fits perfectly into different styles, and also gives the interior an incomparable charm.

The charm in this room is not taken away, especially when it is filled with music and oriental light from the skylights, they are also present in the kitchen. The kitchen itself is a modern Smart category from Roda.

What is a smart kitchen? This is a kitchen set that is perfectly organized and designed to the smallest detail. This solution allows you to effectively organize the entire space, while gaining quick access to all the contents of shelves and cabinets, saving the effort and time of the hostess. An open cabinet with lighting adds atmosphere.

But the most atmospheric and not the simplest room for our experts became a bay window - an altar. To do this, the designer was imbued with culture, even surrounded his workplace with ethno objects! :)

Truth! … Sculptures of elephants, candles, flowers…

Worship of God plays an important role in the life of Hindus. It is said in the Vedas: “The gods accept worship that comes from the heart, with reverence and faith. Faith is born in the heart. Through faith comes the light of truth. ”This place is sacred, a stronghold of purity, where homeowners can be alone before each day for communion with God, meditation, and prayer.

This home has not left any member of our team indifferent, such an energetically and spiritually strong project.