Our works
Among our clients are diplomatic missions, including the British Embassy in Ukraine and projects of such areas as shopping and entertainment, office centers; studio design and interior, company developers; sports facilities, cottage and private construction.

In the company, all employees are strictly assigned to the specialty, therefore each stage of repair will be performed by a qualified master.

On the basis of confidentiality, we can not show all the works, today, perhaps, there are no types of work and levels of complexity that we have not done yet. The company's employees were involved in the design of large infrastructure facilities, the furnishing of interiors of world-class hotel complexes, landscaping and landscape design of architectural monuments.


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Proven and constant own staff of employees from workers and superintendents to engineers and designers.

  • Each member of the team clearly knows and performs his duties, we perform the work as quickly and  uncomplicatedly for you.

Appreciate your time, and also save with us, because we know how to spend minimum time and materials to get a  perfect result.