Constraction of cottages


Each project is developed on an individual basis for the Customer.


DANICA works only with quality materials and proven suppliers.

A complex approach

Performing a full cycle of works from an architectural design and construction to complete and decorating an interior.


Competitive price in the market. We work under the official contract and the estimate coordinated with the Customer.

Technical Supervision

Comprehensive verification of intermediate construction results, introduction of comments in the production log for timely elimination of all inconsistencies.


For work up to 10 years after the act.

How we are working:

DANICA provides a comprehensive service for the construction of cottages. We are ready to help you in choosing a site, building material, as well as in complex construction from design to decorating an already finished interior.


Each project is developed on an individual basis. At each stage of the Customer is accompanied by a personal project manager who is always on hand to solve any work issues.

We know exactly how to build by observing technology and norms.

We know that time is the most valuable, therefore we work according to the construction schedule, which is registered in the official contract.

At each stage of construction, there is a comprehensive verification of the intermediate construction results by technical and architectural supervision. In case of deviations from the project, specialists make comments in the production journal for the timely elimination of all discrepancies .

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Finished house projects

We develop individual house projects, and we can also offer interesting ready-made solutions

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Services in section construction:

  • Box with roof
    from 210 $ М2

    The erection of an energy-efficient house, a foundation and a roof - the house is ready for interior decoration. Term - up to 3 months

  • House with decoration
    from 587 $ М2

    Ready-made house with glazing, interior finishing works, finished facade and roof - left to bring furniture and appliances

  • Ready for occupancy
    from 1099 $ М2

    Completely finished house "Turnkey", completed inside and outside, ready for life


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To have modern comfortable housing surrounded by nature is the dream of many Ukrainian families. Order the construction of cottages in Kiev and the Kiev region you can in our company. We design, erect or reconstruct summer cottages and country estates taking into account all the wishes of the customer at the most pleasant prices.



Building a house on a site is not an easy task, without the hassle of dealing with which only specialists can. A large staff, which includes designers, engineers, architects and builders with a profile education, allows our company to implement the most complex projects and ideas.

Having many years of experience, we will help you to adapt the solution you like to this area or we will develop an individual project of a cottage in Kiev for the shortest period of time.

Construction of the house is impossible without preliminary geological surveys on the site. Correctly selected foundation will make the construction reliable and strong, will give an opportunity to stand decades without major repairs. We help customers with obtaining all necessary permissions.

In the development of the project we take into account not only the external presentability of the facade, but also the practical implementation of the ventilation system, water supply, sewerage. You can build a house using heat-saving technologies. In our work we use only environmentally friendly and fireproof materials, we comply with all building codes and regulations.

The construction of elite cottages in Kiev and the region also involves the improvement of the adjacent territory. We will take care of installing the fence, lighting the area, organizing lawn watering, offering services of a professional decorator and landscape designer.