Interior Design

interior design Danica construction
1 Technical task

on the development of interior design, is drawn up in a joint discussion of the customer and designers.

2 Measurement of the object

Includes the exact dimensions of all rooms, which are fixed by designers when leaving the site. Creation of a drawing for the measurement plan with an indication of the real dimensions of the areas and premises.

3 Planning solution

Includes options for redeveloping the object with the arrangement of furniture and equipment.

4 Working documentation

Obmerichny plan, plans for dismantling and erection of walls, redevelopment, furniture installation, plan for placing sanitary equipment with ties, plans for floors, ceilings, lighting by groups, etc.

5 Quality control

In our company, all the work of designers and architects pass an additional check by the engineer as a technologist, so we significantly reduce the risk of mistakes, and the client gets exactly the interior that was agreed upon

6 Author's supervision

Control of all stages of work execution and compliance with design.

Details are not a trifle - they create a design. Charles Eames

With us you get:

  • 1. The work of an experienced team of designers
  • 2. Within a clearly defined time frame
  • 3. Completed to the desired result to you

Each project is executed by a team: a designer, a visualizer and a draftsman. The finished work is checked and signed by the technical supervision - a specialist in construction. As a result, our customers receive a quality product that contains all the necessary parts for repair:   


  • > Plans for dismantling and erection of walls
  • > Planning and arrangement of furniture
  • > Engineering parts - plumbing, electrical, lighting and air conditioning
  • > Development of walls, floor and ceiling
  • > Detailing all elements of decor and furniture
  • > List of used finishing materials
  • > Photorealistic visualization of each room, corridors, balconies, etc.
  • > Maintenance of the client at the repair stages (author supervision)
  • > Trips to shops for interior items selection
  • > Discounts for purchases in any store in Kiev




Creative workshop DANICA adores its work and makes it qualitatively, responsibly and with love!

Each project is developed individually for the Customer, taking into account all tasks and wishes.

Design - it's always time consuming, starting with measurements and planning. We meet with the customer, fill out the brief and discuss all the details that need to be considered when designing the design as a whole. Interior should be not only beautiful, but also functional. That is why the correctly set task, experience and talent of our designers are the key to successful implementation of the project.

A house is a place of strength that should energize and inspire, that every member of the family wants to go to work in the morning to do great things, and in the evening-to return home. No wonder they say that the interior clearly reflects the character and style of the tenants. Today, there are a huge number of styles and creative trend combinations. And only an experienced designer will be able to determine which style is right for you.

Any interior design is a fantasy of designers and the customer, which goes over with a huge number of designs and options for purchases, calls and meetings with suppliers. That's why DANICA recommends to think over the interior design before starting the repair work. When ordering the interior design from us, you get a quality product from the professionals of your business. DANICA guarantees that working with us your project will be implemented by highly specialized staff at a specified time with detailed documentation of the facility and a guarantee.

We provide client support by the project manager, technical and author supervision at all stages of design and repair work, which significantly reduces the risk of misunderstandings or errors in calculations and planning.

Let us create the best interior for your taste


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