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Абонентское обслуживание - ремонт и отделка - инженерия
1 Quality and warranty

All services are provided by highly qualified staff of the company

2 Efficiency and flexibility

Our technical support service is ready to leave for the facility at any time, without additional payments and hassle, holidays and sick leave

3 Complex

As a construction company, we have a full range of specialists in narrow specializations, so the service is provided on a turn-key basis. Experts of all construction and engineering specialties are available to you

4 Transparency of work

At the conclusion of the contract, all options and terms of maintenance with the amounts of each service are specified and prescribed, in urgent cases it is possible to provide services not specified in the terms of the contract

5Cost optimization

The maintenance of personnel capable of providing such a service is much more expensive than our subscription service


Danica Company has established itself as a reliable partner fulfilling its obligations

Техническое абонентское обслуживание объектов – это договор на комплексное обслуживание в сфере ремонта для решения бытовых и технических задач.

Мы запустили эту систему для дополнительного комфорта и спокойствия наших клиентов. Преимущество её в том, что клиент значительно уменьшает все технические риски, связанные с ремонтными услугами. При этом, в случае экстренной ситуации, у клиента всегда есть поддержка, которая работает без выходных и оперативно ликвидирует все технические неприятности любой сложности.

Раньше решением данной ситуации было – нанять несколько штатных сотрудников, таких как: электрик, сантехник, плотник, плиточник и т.д., которым нужно платить ежемесячный оклад, но к помощи которых приходится обращаться крайне редко.

Мы предлагаем Вам оптимизировать затраты на подобные опции и воспользоваться нашей услугой абонентского обслуживания.


Fire safety:


  • Fire alarm and smoke detectors;
  • Fire-fighting equipment;
  • Emergency lighting;
  • Inspection checks;
  • Organization of works on fire safety;
  • Plans for evacuation in case of fire.


Electrical safety:


  • Conducting mandatory tests of equipment and systems.


Lightning protection:


  • Tests and organization of the system;

Work with asbestos-containing materials:


  • Plan of work with asbestos-containing materials;
  • Information on asbestos-containing materials and training in working with them;
  • Dismantling and removal of asbestos-containing materials.


Water supply and water supply systems:


  • Examinations for the presence of Legionella bacteria;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Taking water samples, conducting tests and organizing water supply;
  • Lead pipelines;
  • Water heaters;
  • Water heaters on solar energy.
  • Safety of gas equipment

  • Industrial and social conditions of work

  • Lifts and lift equipment.

  • High pressure systems

  • Standards of glazing

  • Safety systems for preventing falling

  • Seismic safety (only for seismic zones 3 and 4)

  • Production equipment and machinery

  • Facilities:

  • Game equipment for children;
  • Labor protection and safety in gardens;
  • Sport halls;
  • Tennis courts;
  • Swimming pools;

Hazardous Substances

  • Fuel storage:
  • Fuel storage;
  • Organization of work with fuel;
  • Organization of work with fuel equipment.




  • Air conditioners and ventilation equipment:
  • Air conditioners and ventilation equipment;
  • Maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation equipment.


Security Systems:


  • Organization of work with security systems;
  • Maintenance of security systems.


  • Compliance with environmental standards

  • Repair work of any complexity

  • Emergency departures, in case of malfunctions

  • Cleaning service, dry cleaning of furniture

  • Carpentry services

  • Finishing work

  • Joinery works

  • Tile works

  • Plastering works

  • Roofing

  • Facade work

  • Assembly and restoration of furniture;

  • Mounting / dismantling of curtains


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