1 Setting goals

On the design of facades and the preparation of the layout of the design

2 Project development

The project includes an energy audit of the facade of the building, a thermal insulation solution, a design and 3D visualization, an estimate documentation and a work schedule

3 Procurement of materials

Completion of the object with materials (or the formation of their reserve in the warehouse), as well as preparatory work on the facade - the preparation of scaffolding, etc.

4 Facade work

Warming of facades and further installation of panels

5 Delivery of the project

Signing the act of work performed, payment for work

6 Warranty period and service

Free warranty service for the duration of the agreed period (usually 1 year)

Complex maintenance of facades after the end of the warranty period at the request of the customer



Ventilated facades are a breakthrough in the design, economy and durability of the building. They give any building a modern look, stylish, unique and original. This technology was previously used in the commercial segment, but modern materials and construction methods have made it possible to fully develop its potential in private construction.


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Advantages of a ventilated facade

The design of the ventilated facade does not quite match its name, because in fact, this facade was created to insulate the building, and not for ventilation, as unprepared people might think. 
The ventilated facade can be attached to any surface of the building, even if it is a thermode, the outer part of the structure is foam. 

 The huge choice of facing materials allows to give the house a solid look and realize any bold idea of ​​the designer, and the cost is not much higher than the usual wet facade. 

 Technology and types of ventilated facades 

 Allows not only to keep the heat inside the building, but also provides drainage of moisture from the wall.  The design, as a rule, consists of a bracket fastened to the wall using anchors, a set of profiles and facing panels. 

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