1 Contract

On the performance of repair and finishing works ensures the performance of works on time and qualitatively

2 Technical supervision

Effective work management and quality control system

3 Honesty

Payment on the basis of the results of a quality work performed on time

4 People

All works are performed by narrowly specialized specialists, and not by a man orchestra

5 Accompaniment

All the time you repair the apartment you are accompanied by the project manager, it's convenient, believe me

6 Quality

The works are filled with the company's own technological maps, where the requirements are much stricter than SNIP and DBN


Comprehensive work to create the interior of your dreams. We really perform complex, interesting and beautiful by results of repairs, for which we are not ashamed before our guests and pleasant for life. Practical experience and knowledge of our specialists will give you the desired result, not a compromise. The repair process does not take too much time, and communication will be convenient and constructive. We are recommended to friends.



Recently rented 3 apartments in the prestigious residential complex PecherSky on the street. Bolsunovsky, showroom showroom and office space on the avenue of Valery Lobanovsky.


How much is the apartment

The repair time depends on a number of factors, mainly:

The area of the apartment and the complexity of the design
Timely financing of the facility
Usually the repair of an apartment of 100m2 takes up to three months

How to reduce the cost of repair

The cheapest thing is to do once, this requires a detailed design project of the apartment. In practice, when the customer believes that everything is known without a project, repairs are about 30% more expensive and longer than usual.

What guarantees do I have?

Working with the system company you get a number of advantages over the services of the spontaneous market, including, the guarantee of quality of work in documentary form. Warranty repair is performed for free as soon as possible.

Where to see the work

In addition to the photographs of the objects already made, you can visit the apartments where repairs are being carried out. At any time of the year, we have facilities at different stages of work. Similar visits we agree with existing customers and after viewing we take the word of honor that you will also allow us to show your apartment before settling in;)

Pay attention that on our site only recently made repairs of apartments are shown, we do not want to overload it with unnecessary information, we have in our office a huge archive of photos of the works done and delicious coffee.

Контроль этапов ремонта квартиры


Carrying out of repair work is carried out with fixation of all hidden assemblies, sizes and indents. This information is entered in the passport of the object - a single document containing photographs of all the stages of work at the site, a copy of the project, the names of all materials, for example, the name of the wall paint and its color number according to RAL, what sealant was used in the bathroom, etc., certificates for all used materials, addresses and contacts of shops where products were purchased, telephone offices of Housing and Utilities, security services who connected the alarm system or intercom, Internet provider, certificates of work performed, checks for the purchase of materials, all notes on the project, etc.

In one document we provide absolutely all information about an apartment that you just need.




Each apartment is unique, before we start repair we prepare a detailed estimate for repair work, but to orient you at approximate prices for repairs, we offer a simple table below, these are the approximate cost of repairing an apartment on a turn-key basis, starting with redevelopment and ending with finishing finish . The cost of materials is approximately 60-70% of the cost of repairs

  • Loft
    from 140 $ М2

    Repair without unnecessary pretentiousness and expensive finishing work

  • Modern design
    from 180 $ М2

    Repair and finishing works with a moderate content of decorative elements

  • Complex repair
    from 290 $ М2

    Repair of apartments in the classical style, with the use of smart house technology and so on. The ideal work of the masters of their craft


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