Repair of commercial real estate

1 Creative

Each project is developed on an individual basis for the Customer.

2 Quality

DANICA works only with quality materials and proven suppliers.

3 Timing

We work clearly according to the schedule of work, which is registered in the contract.

4 Author's supervision

Complex check of intermediate results of repair work.

5 Completion of the object

Manufacture of furniture and purchase of equipment at prices below market

6 Subscriber service

Additional service for periodic maintenance of the object in the field of repair for solving domestic and repair tasks.

Repair and finishing work in commercial interiors 

Repair of offices, shopping centers, restaurants or sports clubs - all kinds of work require an integrated approach to achieve the desired result.

For corporate customers, DANICA is ready to act as a general contractor and provide a comprehensive solution to all issues related to repair work. 

Whether your restaurant is "delicious" depends not only on the cook, but on the correct interior design.
We all know that the office is the face of the company. That's why the office should be stylish, functional and necessary with a working atmosphere for employees.

We consider every detail of your future office from technical aspects to the selection of soft comfortable seats for employees and customers.

Our task is to create a space that will quickly pay back its costs and will bring only positive emotions to every employee, visitor and client.

We know how important this is for you, therefore, we approach each project with responsibility and individually.

At each stage of repair, the Customer is accompanied by a personal project manager who is always on hand to solve work issues.

Working with one contractor, you save time on communications when preparing projects and during work, and also get exactly the result that was planned initially


Complex repair of the showroom for the sale of luxury brands on Valery Lobanosky avenue with an area of 450m2

Term - 45 days

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