An easy way to become the owner of your own home is to buy an apartment or a cottage. However, many decide to order the construction of turnkey houses. This is an opportunity to become the owner of a dream house, made according to your estimates. The DANICA company works in the field of "Construction of houses", Kiev and Kiev region (turnkey) - the territory of our work.

Building houses has many benefits. This is an option for those who dream of private suburban housing. It can be a small option or a full-fledged luxury cottage. You can purchase land and get a permit in the suburbs to live away from the noise, mud and bustle. Prefer to stay within the city limits? The construction of a house can be carried out on a turnkey basis in Ukraine, in any of the settlements.


House types

How to start building a house? Of course, with the definition of its type. We can order the construction of private houses in Kiev and the Kiev region of various types. Prices depend on this.

Passive House. Project: Pilots family house

Passive House

What does this term mean? They designate energy efficient buildings, the heating consumption of which is minimal. This is achieved through the use of modern technologies and new materials. Properly constructed housing does not require external heating, since heat loss is practically excluded. A space of 100 m2 will cost no more than $ 150 per year. Favorable cost, building a house in the future will pay off.

Warming occurs due to air gaps and special building materials, for example, monolithic reinforced concrete. Other advantages:

  • strength;
  • increase in usable area by reducing the thickness of the walls;
  • favorable average cost of building a house.
Project: America


The scope of our work is not only the construction of turnkey houses using state-of-the-art technologies. We also build classic buildings, such as cottages. It can be a cozy country residence, where it is great to relax with your family, as well as an urban dwelling with all the amenities. We carefully think over the layout, choose materials to keep the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. The cost of 1 m2 for the provision of the service "Construction of houses (Kiev and regions)" remains acceptable.

Project: "Autonomus townhouse"


Townhouses are considered luxury private living spaces. However, they are gaining more and more popularity. This is an opportunity to live not in an apartment, but in your own house, while being within the city limits. Typically, a townhouse has several owners. This helps to reduce the cost of building a house. You will live surrounded by people, but you will get space and your own yard. Building a house has the same features as for other types. The right project and quality raw materials come to the fore. On the site you can see examples of estimates to assess whether this is right for you.

Project: Garbuz Active house

Country house

Dacha is a place for summer holidays. It is not intended for permanent residence, which is why the lower cost is justified. Building a house in a summer cottage is minimalistic. Although the result should look pretty, much less attention is paid to decoration and decoration. The main thing is the availability of all the amenities. As with other building methods, there are 3 options:

  • erection of the box. There is only a foundation and a roof;
  • availability of finishing. There are glazing and a facade, interior finishing works have been carried out. You just have to bring in furniture and appliances.
  • complete construction: turnkey private house. We will complete the house inside and outside, so you can move into it immediately.
Project: America

Cottage town

Cottage villages are small organized towns. Previously, the construction of houses in them was chaotic, different styles and architectural details were characteristic. Now everything strives for beauty and uniformity. A modern town is an environmentally friendly, energy efficient and simply pretty settlement. You can order the construction of the village from us on a turnkey basis. We will draw up a single estimate in Ukraine, but we will make sure that each unit has its own individuality. We offer turnkey construction of houses, the price of which remains affordable thanks to the use of the best sources and the work of our own team.


Raw materials

How to start building a house? Of course with the choice of materials! We offer several options:

Fixed formwork

Fixed formwork

It is considered one of the best options. It is based on a reinforcing steel frame, which is poured with concrete. Essentially, these are hollow blocks that exhibit traction due to the design features. They help to keep warm, while occupying a small area;



The construction of turnkey houses, the price of which must remain adequate, is often not complete without bricks. It is based on clay, sand and water, so we can talk about environmental friendliness. The brick allows air to pass through, therefore a favorable microclimate is established inside;

Aerated concrete

Aerated concrete

Made from sand, cement and lime. Blocks of any thickness can be found on the market, which allows you to choose the best option. The cost of building a house remains low, it is also easy to calculate the cost;

Ceramic block

Ceramic block

Durable, warm and environmentally friendly as it does not contain harmful additives. It doesn't take long to build houses that are affordable. The ceramic block has good carrying capacity, therefore, it is warm inside and enough air;



This is a kind of sandwich panel: thermal insulation is located between two layers of plywood. When connected, a flat surface is obtained that does not require additional insulation. It is easy to erect walls, the construction of houses, the price of which remains favorable, is often made from a vulture;



The peculiarity of the construction of turnkey houses is that it is not the walls that are based, but the supporting frame structures. Wood and steel are used. Scandinavian and Canadian technologies ensure reliability, durability, energy efficiency;



The construction of private houses can be carried out from logs and beams. They give a minimum load on the foundation, which allows you to save money. The tree is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, it can become a part of any style. The building is warming up quickly.


Building a house in stages

What stages are there in the order? Understanding:



We decide on the territory and the approximate size of the building.


Getting permission

The permit allows us to operate legally.



We study the properties of the soil to exclude unforeseen circumstances



Create a plan of the area showing slopes of the soil, holes and hills



We create an engineering sample estimate. At this stage, you will find out the preliminary cost per square meter


Design project

We draw how the result will look like. We indicate how much the construction of the house will cost directly and how much the work will cost as a whole.



We will build the foundation for your future home.



Let's build them from the selected material.



We will carry out all engineering structures with the help of tools.


Windows, doors

We will carry out the glazing, insert the doors into the doorways.



We will take care of a presentable appearance.



This is where the construction (private house, cottage - it doesn't matter) ends.



Building houses (Kiev and regions) is a slow process. The term depends on the complexity of the work. We do not build "fast" modular buildings, but full-fledged options with a foundation, therefore we focus on 8-10 months.



DANICA is a reliable contractor in the field of Private House Construction. We guarantee the fulfillment of obligations and the completion of the task on time. Before starting cooperation, we sign an agreement that protects both the company and the customer. You control every stage and you can be sure of the quality.



How to start building a house? By contacting our company! We have extensive experience, we know all the nuances:

  • how much does it cost to build houses;
  • how long will it take;
  • how much raw material is used;
  • how much money needs to be pledged;
  • where to order and how to order materials;
  • what documents are needed;
  • what permissions are needed and how to get them;
  • how to choose a brick;
  • how much the work costs;
  • how many blocks are needed.

We work "transparently" and do not work without permission. We guarantee minimum costs and reasonable prices. We provide a quote with a cost estimate so that you can assess whether our services are right for you.

Why should you order construction (private house, cottage and other options)?

Our objects:

  • have the necessary permits, contracts, documents;
  • made of the best materials using new technologies;
  • energy saving;
  • individual;
  • modern;
  • 1-storey or multi-storey - depending on your wishes;
  • made in high-tech or any other style;
  • economical. We keep the cost affordable, building a house to order will not hit your wallet.

Contact us to get the design, design and construction of turnkey houses, the price of which will remain competitive.



The construction of turnkey houses, the price of which is determined after research, is inexpensive if you choose the right solutions and building materials. We offer flexible payment methods using Visa and Mastercard and cash. You do not have to transfer the entire amount immediately: we offer phased payments upon completion of the work. You will find out the final cost after creating estimates. But you can name your budget, and we will suggest a project that fits into it.