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House construction in Kyiv

Looking to buy your own house but don't know where to start? DANICA will help you become the owner of the house of your dream by building it from scratch on a turnkey basis, taking into account all your wishes and needs. We take on any complexity of work: both for a small country house and for a chic cottage for a large family.

You can purchase land and get a building permit in the suburbs to live away from the noise, mud and bustle. Prefer to stay within the city limits? The construction of a private house or townhouse can be carried out on a turnkey basis in Kiev, as well as in any of the settlements.


Types of houses

How to start house construction? Of course, with the definition of its type. We can order the construction the various types of private houses in Kiev and the Kiev region.

House construction

Passive House

What Passive House is? These are energy efficient buildings with minimal heating costs. This is achieved through modern technology, the tightness of built houses, taking into account the location of windows, the proper use of sunlight and new materials. We use modern Neopor material as external insulation. Made of graphite-containing polystyrene this material does not break down over time, is resistant to stress, prevents the formation of fungi and is a good sound insulator.

In our houses heat losses are practically excluded. Warming occurs at the expense of air interlayers, the warmed base and special building materials, for example, monolithic reinforced concrete. Other advantages:

  • strength;
  • increase the usable area by reducing the wall thickness;
  • favorable average cost of building a house.
House construction


We build turnkey cottages using state-of-the-art technologies. A carefully thought-out layout, the choice of optimal materials during construction to regulate the temperature in winter and summer will significantly reduce the future costs of maintaining the cottage after moving in it.

Town house. "Autonomus townhouse" project.


Townhouses have been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. You will live surrounded by people, but at the same time you will get space and your own yard. Townhouses have no significant differences in construction technology, except the only thing: one common wall that connects to neighboring houses will always be warm. Therefore, heating townhouses in winter is a little more profitable. Another advantage is that due to the compact location in the neighborhood of several monotypic houses at once, the price can be much more affordable than building a separate cottage.

House construction

Country house

Countryhouse is a place for summer holidays. It is not intended for permanent residence, therefore, the functional filling of the premises, the exterior decoration will be more minimalistic. The main thing is the availability of all the amenities. Although in the case of a countryhouse, everything depends solely on the wishes and needs of the customer.

The construction of country houses is possible in three ways:

  • the construction of the box, only the foundation and the roof are present;
  • the presence of finishing, glazing and the facade, internal finishing work has been carried out, you will only have to bring in furniture and appliances;
  • construction of a turnkey private house, control of all stages from design to completion of all interior decoration works.
House construction

Cottage town

Cottage villages are small, organized towns. Previously, the construction of houses there was chaotic. They were built in different styles using different architectural details. Now these towns are trying to bring them into a single architectural style. A modern cottage town is an eco-friendly, energy efficient and stylish settlement. You can order the construction of a village from us on a turnkey basis. We design unique energy efficient homes from sustainable materials and require fewer maintenance resources using our unique Passive House technology.

raw material

Construction technology

How to start house construction? Of course with the choice of materials! We can build a house from any material you choose:

Fixed formwork

Fixed formwork

It is considered one of the best options. It is based on a reinforcing steel frame, which is poured with concrete. Ultimately, we have a monolithic load-bearing wall, powerful external wall insulation and ready-made rough plaster inside the building.



The construction of turnkey houses is often not complete without bricks. It is based on clay, sand and water, so it is appropriate to mention the environmental friendliness of this technology. Brick allows air to pass through, therefore a favorable microclimate is established inside the premises.

Autoclaved aerated concrete

Autoclaved aerated concrete

AAC is made from sand, cement and lime. Blocks of any thickness can be found on the market, which allows you to choose the best option. The use of aerated concrete is a low-cost way of building a housebox, but it does not allow bringing the building to the required energy-efficient technical characteristics.

Ceramic block

Ceramic block

Durable, warm and environmentally friendly material does not contain harmful additives. The ceramic block has good carrying capacity, so there is warm and enough air inside such houses.



This is a kind of "sandwich-panel": thermal insulation is placed between two layers of plywood. While connecting a flat surface is obtained that does not require additional insulation. It is easy to erect walls, the cost of the material is affordable.



Frame houses are not based on walls, but on load-bearing frame structures. They can be wood or steel. Scandinavian countries and Canada adore using this kind of building technology. Basically, they mostly do it while building country houses.



The construction of private houses can be carried out from logs and beams. They give a minimum load on the foundation. Wooden houses are environmentally friendly, they may quickly warm up and cool down.


House construction in stages

Which stages accompany us during house construction?



Determined on the territory and the approximate size of the building



The permit allows us to operate legally.



Studying the properties of the soil to exclude unforeseen circumstances.



Creating the plan of the area showing slopes of the soil, holes and hills.



Creating a house project and approve the estimate. At this stage you will find out the preliminary cost per square meter.


Design project

Creating a visualization of the future architecture of the building.



Building the foundation for your future home.



Building the walls from the selected material.



Engineering communications are carried out.


Windows and doors

Glazing and door installation is in progress.



This completes the construction of the house itself.



Final finishing work on the house's exterior.


Turnkey repair

3D design project development with turnkey repair.


Construction terms

It is difficult to predict how long it will take to build your particular home. It depends on the complexity and size of the project and a variety of other factors. Please contact us with your ideas and wishes and we will orient you on terms as soon as we decide on the scope of work.



DANICA - is a reliable contractor for the private houses construction. We guarantee the fulfillment of obligations and the completion of the task on time. All our work is accompanied by the signing of contracts, which will protect the customer and the company from controversial issues. Besides, you may control each stage and be sure of the quality of the work performed.


Why should you choose Danica?

How to start building a house? By contacting our company! We have extensive experience, we know all the nuances:

  • how much does it cost to build houses;
  • how long will it take;
  • how much raw material is used;
  • how much money needs to be pledged;
  • where to order and how to order materials;
  • what documents are needed;
  • what permissions are needed and how to get them;
  • how to choose a construction technology;
  • how much the work costs;
  • how many blocks are needed.

We work honestly and do nothing without permits. We provide a quote with a cost estimate so that you can assess whether our services are suitable for you.

House construction

Why should you order the construction of a private house, cottage or townhouse from us?

Our objects:

  • have the necessary permits, contracts, documents;
  • made of the best materials using innovative technologies;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • energy efficient;
  • individual;
  • modern.


The price is determined after an estimate is made - it may not be so expensive if you choose the right solutions and building materials. We offer flexible payment options. You can name your budget and we will suggest a project that fits into it.