Turnkey renovation

Repair and construction company DANICA quickly and accurately perform turnkey repairs inexpensively.

What does DANICA repair turnkey?

We are experts in repair and construction works of residential and commercial real estate in Kiev and region. Our employees have more than 100 years of general experience. Principles of our work are in long-term cooperation, 75% of orders that we receive are the recommendation and we value it and appreciate the trust of our customers.

How do you know if you need major repairs

Running a turnkey design renovation can take years to plan and this can be influenced by a number of reasons:

Old appearance: turnkey renovation of the premises will give your home a new breath with popular contemporary styles, for example - loft, minimalism, high-end, baroque, Provence, chalet, country, etc.

Outdated and worn out: the paint is not as rich and bright colors as before, wear and tear of the engineering and plumbing.

Lack of space: with a turnkey overhaul with a competent design project can be increased. We use as much free space as possible and increase usable space. 


Major design renovation of turnkey apartments requires careful preparation and implementation of a design project in exact accordance with the wishes of the customer.

- 1 Lodge
- 2 Lodge
- 3 Lodge
- Studios
- Smart Apartments
- Rental Apartments
- Maisonettes

The cost of turnkey apartment renovation We made a simple estimate of the cost per square meter of apartment renovation. For a turnkey euro renovation you will need between $300 and $1,000 per square meter. In addition, you should have a contingency reserve of about 10-20% of your total budget to cover any unforeseen expenses.

To further break down this range:

Budget renovations ($15,000-45,000) - Inexpensive renovations include flooring, finishes, and furniture.

Euro renovations ($46,000-70,000) - You'll probably add full kitchen or bathroom renovations, as well as potentially more expensive flooring in addition to inexpensive options.

Luxury turnkey renovations ($71,000-200,000) - include all low to mid-level renovation options, as well as high-end or custom appliances and cabinets. You may need to make some structural changes when you change the layout. Your contractor may add or repair HVAC, electrical, plumbing and foundation repairs.


As a rule, the older the house, the more hidden costs are spent behind its doors and walls.

-country, country houses

The cost of turnkey home renovations

In addition to the $25,000 to $75,000 the typical homeowner spends on home repairs, older homes are likely to have additional problems.

For example, older homes may require additional work to upgrade wiring, plumbing, and other systems, making your repairs more expensive and time-consuming.

Commercial space

If you're looking to update your commercial space, now is a great time to start.

- Restaurants
- Beauty salons
- Clothing store
- OfficesPublic
- Medical
- Schools, kindergartens

How long does it take to renovate a commercial building?

The time it takes to renovate a commercial building depends on the size and scope of the project. A simple project like updating paint and flooring may take just a couple of weeks, while a large-scale renovation - such as creating an entirely new floor plan - may take eight months or more.

Design project development

Design studio DANICA will make a stylish design project turnkey.

Steps of design project development - one of the most significant periods in the creation of the project.  Of course, every stage of preparatory work is important, the design project is a manual for professionals at the site. At the stage of the design project customer can make significant amendments to its future cozy nest.

It is worth noting that the design of design - is a complex work in conjunction with all the people who will be residing there, as there is a difference from the apartment for a family or single and independent girls or a bachelor) It is important to take into account all the wishes. Thanks to experienced designers company Danica it will not take much time, which has directly a positive end result.

The main task of the design project - this is the most accurate information on the project. What furniture, materials, equipment and other details of the finished repair in 3D.

Author's supervision

Design supervision is a method of checking the performance of repair work, according to the design project.  With any construction work contractor may deviate from the schedule and significantly increase the cost of repair work, to save the time the designer who designed the project, to determine exactly the deviation and the reasons for their occurrence, it will provide insurance against all the troubles.

A specialist who conducts the designer's supervision checks the object according to an agreed schedule.

All notes on the works are entered into the working online journal copyright supervision and the customer has full access to it.


Stages of turnkey renovation:


Initial consultation


The foreman's visit to the site




Creating a design project


Dismantling and removal of construction waste


Installation of communication, flooring ...


Supply of construction materials


Rough work


Installation work




Installing appliances and furniture

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the price calculated for turnkey repairs

One of the most popular questions. To name the exact amount of work for turnkey repair with materials at the stage of the primary inspection is almost impossible. Only after a preliminary estimate and inspection of the premises.

What is the difference between repair services in the company than on Kabanchik or OLH?

In the repair and construction market more than enough offers repair services with turnkey materials. Private individuals who offer such services are usually not qualified to perform complex construction work and do not bear any legal responsibility for the quality of work performed and warranty obligations. Upon entering into a contract with Danica repair and construction company, you are insured against the inadequacy and negligence of workers. 

With what to start repairs in the apartment?

Order turnkey repair by phone number 097 359 1111 or leave an application on the site. After that you will be sent to the object expert as a rule it is the foreman who will be with you from beginning to end of the object. On the spot on the fact an experienced specialist with a specialized education can provide advice.

What kind of turnkey repairs do you do?

Danica specializes in professional turnkey interior renovations with furniture. We also build turnkey houses, so we have more than enough experience.

How do you work?

What documents are needed when finishing turnkey premises?

All repairs, we enshrine the contract, which specifies all the terms of payment and prices.



One of the most pressing problems in the finishing of turnkey repair is the failure to meet deadlines, this problem is solved by a clear control of the foreman, as well as the designer in the designer's supervision.



Repair and construction company DANICA is responsible to the customer under the contract for the quality of work.



The cost of turnkey repairs per m2 starts at $ 200 and varies from complexity of work and materials.


Trusting turnkey repair works in Kiev and Kiev region to DANICA repair-construction company you benefit a lot:

1 We have a great experience in realization of major repairs, development of design-design, and construction of cottages, townhouses, country houses on a turn-key basis.

2 Over your repair specialists with higher education and experience of over 10 years.

3 Own formed staff, we do not involve professionals from the side, all employees were interviewed and selected for qualifications.

4 A check at all stages of work

5 Timely delivery of building materials and planned work schedule with internal sprints, daily and kpi :)

6 Guarantee under the contract and accurate execution of work according to the design project at an agreed price.

7 Only quality materials and professional quiet tools are used in the work, also our specialists always take out after themselves garbage.

Turnkey repairs from DANICA - the best choice for the repair of your property, quintessence of quality and affordable price!