1 Construction of houses

A full range of works on the construction of cottages, engineering solutions and peripheral structures

2 Passive house

The unique technology of building a passive house with a monolithic construction

3 Finishing and repair

Own professional brigades of painters, tilers, plumbers and electricians. Highest class of specialists

4 Engineering systems

Design and implementation of all engineering and construction solutions at the site

5 Glazing

Design, calculation, manufacturing and installation of glass structures of any complexity and size

6 Accomplishment

Search and selection of a site suitable for the wishes and possibilities of the client, the service is free and is provided optionally

When choosing a construction company, you take into account a number of factors that influence the decision, which is why you should choose us:


  • Competent, transparent and honest business conduct
  • Planning and guaranteed fulfillment of terms
  • Highest quality standards, regular monitoring
  • Photo and video recording of all stages of work execution, all hidden erections
  • Any convenient forms of payment
  • Comfort in working with us and the pleasure of the project


Our experience

We have considerable practical experience in the construction of high-level facilities, all the work is carried out by narrow-profile teams and specialists. This approach does not allow us to provide services cheaper than many other companies, but we do not strive for this. Our goal is projects that are not embarrassing to show in the portfolio and clients who later recommend us. For us, the reputation of a reliable partner is very important, which completely covers your needs for construction services.


Quality standards

It is much easier to control the process of construction or repair work, having a clear plan of action, quality standards and performance evaluation criteria. For this we have our own technological maps for each type of work, from pouring the foundation to painting the walls, where the requirements are many times higher than state standards. We are constantly looking for better ways and materials, improving the monitoring and documenting system, creating convenient tools for our Clients.


  • Box with roof
    from 210 $ М2

    The erection of an energy-efficient house, a foundation and a roof - the house is ready for interior decoration. Term - up to 3 months

  • House with decoration
    from 587 $ М2

    Ready-made house with glazing, interior finishing works, finished facade and roof - left to bring furniture and appliances

  • Ready for occupancy
    from 1099 $ М2

    Completely finished house "Turnkey", completed inside and outside, ready for life


consult save time

Management of construction projects and contracting.


Danica Construction Company