Project - America


Project - America

The preparation of an architectural project is a primary task when planning the construction of real estate both for personal use and for commercial purposes. When preparing construction documentation, solutions are included that are necessary to implement the conceived idea and comply with the established standards and acts.


Architectural design

Architectural design is planning the appearance of the future building. Without putting together a set of documentation, it is difficult to get an idea of what the future home, school or store will look like. This is important for monitoring the construction process. Special attention should be paid to the preparation of a complete package of accompanying papers.

Project: Autonomous townhouse

Various companies in Ukraine are ready to provide services for the preparation of technical documentation, which will describe the features of the construction. Images with explanatory notes and descriptions can be made in 3D format or in the form of a video. Some firms offer to draw up drawings in the old fashioned way. After drawing up the architectural plan, construction design is carried out with a detailed study of materials, technologies and important features.


Design: types

Residential buildings


Shopping centers



We are ready to undertake the architectural design of various types of real estate: low-rise private houses, cottages, townhouses;

  • low-rise private houses, cottages, townhouses;
  • prefabricated cottage townships;
  • middle-rise houses;
  • High-rise residential buildings;
  • administrative and office buildings made of metal structures;
  • industrial, industrial and high-rise buildings: factories, offices, hotels, car washes, clinics, etc.
  • socially significant objects - sports facilities, schools, kindergartens, hospitals.

Stages of work

Each stage of work is carried out strictly on time and is carefully monitored by a special service. We accept large projects and private orders in work, guaranteeing a high-quality approach to each customer. Strict control and technical supervision of project management is our credo. The list of services includes the following items:


Engineering and design

premises for commercial or private use according to the established budget. Creation of a concept based on the preferences and wishes of the client, approval of the estimated cost.


Preliminary design

Work on the general style and functionality, the layout of the rooms and technical rooms.



Preparation of an engineering project, equipping with furniture, lighting fixtures.


Engineering systems

Arrangement of the adjacent landscape and internal territory, installation of engineering systems.


Energy efficiency

Development of energy efficiency for each project individually.



Transfer of the project for verification to the technical control authorities.



Registration of accompanying papers.


Project terms

When ordering an individual project in our studio, clients want to know what are the deadlines for receiving documents. Based on our experience, it depends on the scope of work. For example, individual projects for electricity, gas and water supply, sewerage will be completed several times faster than a full turnkey calculation from scratch. The following factors affect the processing time of an order:

  • the uniqueness of the project;
  • customer requirements;
  • the complexity of the design;
  • the area of the future structure;
  • number of rooms;
  • plot size, etc.

Service guarantee

The list of our warranty obligations allows our customers to have no doubts about the quality of the services provided. When ordering an individual design of public buildings and structures in Kiev, our partners can be sure that they will receive:



detailed projects created in a single copy;

 Engineering projects

Engineering projects

engineering documentation that complies with regulatory enactments;



warranty service, reconstruction of civil buildings, consultations on issues;



complete protection of personal data.

we are leaders

Why choose us?

Our bureau specializes in providing a full range of services, including architectural design, engineering and construction work. Narrow-profile specialists in Kiev with experience are ready to satisfy the wishes of each client. Among our advantages it should be noted:

Passive house

Passive house

Work with the international standard "Passive house", recognized as one of the most energy efficient and affordable. Energy consumption indicators according to this standard should not exceed 15 W/h per 1 m2 per year. This is achieved thanks to technologies and materials in the construction of architectural objects: the use of solar energy, tightness, thermal protection of buildings.

Active house

Active house

"Active house" support - an international system for assessing and controlling the quality of buildings under construction with such features as ensuring the safety of the environment and health. Environmental friendliness of residential buildings today is a fashionable trend, the tasks of which are to maintain a healthy indoor microclimate, a high level of energy saving.

Complex solutions

Complex solutions

Creation of complex solutions - calculation of architectural, construction and engineering projects.

Turnkey documentation

Turnkey documentation

Turnkey work: from the initial sketch of the facade of buildings to landscape design at attractive prices.

Innovative technologies

Innovative technologies

The use of the latest inventions and solutions in the design and construction of architectural structures.



Prices for design work will satisfy the most demanding customers.

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