The house of your dreams begins with a project!


Architectural design

The development of an architectural project is the first stage of real estate construction. Without drawing up the necessary documentation, it is impossible to imagine what the future building will look like, whether it is a residential building, cottage, townhouse, school or even store. Upon receipt of an order for an architectural project, we begin work with the preparation of technical specifications and the development of several planning options.


We are designing:

Residential objects
Shopping malls
Industrial buildings
Sports objects

We are ready to take on the architectural design of different types of real estate:

  • low-rise private houses, cottages, townhouses;
  • prefabricated cottage townships;
  • middle-rise houses;
  • high-rise residential buildings;
  • administrative and office buildings made of metal structures;
  • industrial and high-rise buildings: factories, offices, hotels, car washes, clinics;
  • social facilities - sports facilities, schools, kindergartens, hospitals.


The customer can find out the stage of implementation the order at any time. The report is provided regularly. If you need information urgently, managers are always in touch and ready to answer any questions. Development of a project is a laborious process. But over the years of work, we have carefully worked out each stage of the project:


Technical task

Drawing up a technical task. The customer demonstrates the section where the construction is planned. Expresses wishes and specific proposals. The terms of the deal are clarified - and the foremen get to work. You can order a detailed project according to your sketch.


Preliminary design

A preliminary design and a space-planning solution are being developed. The plan and appearance of the building are determined with the selection of materials. Engineering and design are discussed in advance. We visualize everything: from the facades and roofs of residential buildings. At the same time it is possible to develop a design project for the interior of the house.


Architectural project

Drawing up an architectural project, a general plan based on a sketch approved by the customer. We take the drawings and detail them. We develop in detail the nodes, for example, the adjoining of the roof or foundation to the walls, the installation of windows. We prepare all projects taking into account the energy-efficient features of buildings.


Engineering systems

We design the arrangement of the adjacent landscape and internal territory, installation of engineering systems.



Registration of accompanying papers.



We carry out full control over the performance of work. We carry out field supervision, provide technical supervision services or general contracting. We will trace how the installation of engineering systems is carried out.


Terms of order fulfillment

The terms of work directly depend on their volume. The speed of order processing is influenced by:

  • the uniqueness of the project;
  • customer requirements;
  • the complexity of the design;
  • area of the future structure;
  • number of rooms;
  • the size of the plot.

Service guarantee

Contacting to us you can be sure that you will get:

  • professional execution of the order - the masters performing the design of houses have the necessary professional skills and experience;
  • work with each customer on an individual basis;
  • clear terms of the contract;
  • detailed specification of each material and technique used;
  • execution of documentation in accordance with applicable norms and standards;
  • full technical support during the whole time, while the order of the project of the house is being carried out;
  • careful supervision of the implementation;
  • reasonable cost - an architectural project in Kiev with the best price;
  • favorable conditions for repeated calls.

Each customer receives a plan ideally suited to the building and wishes, with a minimum amount of financial and time costs!

we are leaders

Why do people choose us?

Our architectural bureau specializes in providing a full range of services, including architectural design, engineering, construction work, the development of 3D interior design with turnkey renovations. If necessary, we will design and build a bunker. Among our advantages:

passive house

passive house

Work with the international standard "Passive house", recognized as one of the most energy efficient and affordable. Indicators of energy consumption according to this standard should not exceed 15 W/h per 1 sq. m. in year. This is achieved thanks to technologies and materials in the construction of architectural objects: the use of solar energy, tightness, thermal protection of buildings.

active house

active house

Support for "Active house" - an international system for assessing and controlling the quality of buildings under construction with such features as ensuring the safety of the environment and health. Environmental friendliness of residential buildings today is a fashionable trend, the tasks of which are to maintain a healthy indoor microclimate and a high level of energy saving.

Turnkey documentation

Turnkey documentation

Turnkey work: from the initial sketch of the facade of buildings to landscape design at attractive prices.

Innovative technologies

Innovative technologies

Using the latest inventions and solutions in the design and construction of architectural structures Passive House block.

Become a Danica customer

Take advantage of the benefits that our company provides:

  • Designing a house in accordance with international quality standards - Active house, Passive house and other solutions at your request.
  • Only proven techniques, the best materials and innovative technologies.
  • The desired result the first time. No additional work required!
  • Comprehensive design from foundations and roofs to furniture placement.
  • Development of turnkey projects with minimal customer involvement.

Cost and payment

Danica has developed a flexible pricing system. We make house design accessible to everyone!

While drawing up an estimate only actually completed work is taken into account, without surcharges and hidden commissions. The client has couple ways:

  • find out the exact cost in advance, before signing the contract.
  • tell the project budget - and we will keep within the indicated restrictions.