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highest standards for energy efficiency projects

Advanced experience of European architects, the latest techniques and technologies

Ease of operation and confidence in the result

architectural design Danica construction

Active House

Designing houses according to European standards of energy efficiency Active House

architectural design Danica construction

Complex project

Architectural project, engineering solutions, interior design with detailed specifications and estimates

architectural design Danica construction

Project implementation

Author's supervision and construction in one company

architectural design Danica construction


Practical application of knowledge and developments, own solutions in the field of energy efficiency and design.

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architectural design Danica construction
architectural design Danica construction
architectural design Danica construction

Stages of work

1 Concept

Refine your preferences, important wishes and specific conditions

2 Sketch

Development of the basis of the project, functionality, style decisions.

3 Project

Working documentation, interior visualization, equipment specifications, estimates

4 Control

Designer supervision, maintenance of the object, construction and equipment

Active House European energy efficiency standards

Get Active House label for your project
active house architectural design Danica construction

European quality standard

The Active House label is a worldwide quality mark for comfortable and eco-friendly buildings, it can be issued to buildings that have been rated according to Active House parameters, which meet objective indicators of comfort, energy efficiency and environmental safety..

why is it important

Designing energy-efficient homes is an integral part of modern life, while the number of specialists in this area is critically small.
Houses built according to the Active House standard significantly exceed traditional housing in many ways

  • architectural design Danica construction
  • architectural design Danica construction
  • architectural design Danica construction

Create architectural design of your dream home

Most detailed
project in the market
Most detaile

The project includes a set of documents necessary for the construction of the house, finishing works, engineering networks, furniture manufacturing, equipment, price control and timing

Many studios offer only a part of the work - an architectural project. When a project is cut off from interior design and engineering network solutions, it is often modified or adapted, it’s impossible to take everything into account in architecture without being an engineer, and so on.

Unique proposal for the design of the house
What will it give you

This integrated approach allows you to create projects that take into account all the details, where there are no compromises and rework, and all the work takes place in a comfortable atmosphere. Project adjustments do not require lengthy approvals and additional costs. In one service, the work of an architect, engineers, engineers, designers, interior designers and technical control specialists

Embody a project with us

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Call saves time
Call saves time
design and construction of houses - residences - townhouses - cottage townships - office centers - restaurants and hotels - sports grounds

Working with one company you are guaranteed to get the result that was planned before the start of the design. Well-coordinated work in the complex eliminates the misunderstanding of designers and builders, allows you to foresee the entire functionality of the house, its engineering solutions and implement them optimally at the design stage.

  • architectural design Danica construction
  • architectural design Danica construction
  • architectural design Danica construction

innovation in architectural design

Consultation and delicious coffee
Consultation and delicious coffee
Learn more about new technologies.
technologies of the future

The latest developments in architecture, engineering components and materials. We put into practice architectural solutions that reduce the energy consumption of houses at times. Conducted tests on the tightness of our objects showed results that exceed the highest requirements of European standards Passive House and Active House

In practice, we use energy-saving units, which allow to save on construction, rather than increasing its cost.

innovation in construction technology

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progress does not stand still

The construction site is quite conservative. Firstly,                     this is due to the parochial level of knowledge and lack of desire to develop on                     bottoms - foremen and brigadiers rarely attend construction exhibitions, not to mention                     already about seminars or refresher courses, they are quite rich in life                     experience and the number of houses built. We deal with this every day and every                     Day we train our staff, share experience with colleagues in the construction profile.                     Currently, besides the Old Believers there are also progressive people, there are very few of them,                     but still the market is getting younger and is beginning to use modern approaches, to navigate                     on the European experience, which is focused on efficiency and effectiveness. our company                     has in its arsenal of developments for the construction of faster, more efficient and more economical. We are not focused on the niche of cheap construction or design, we give a result far exceeding the analogues, while maintaining the framework of traditional budgets and budgets. Almost always the estimated proposal corresponds to the acts of work performedт.